What’s the Process of Water Damage Restoration in Birmingham?

Rain can cause many problems for homeowners, and no one knows that more than the residents of Birmingham, Alabama. Large amounts of rain have flooded roads in the past and resulted in seriously damaged homes and businesses. Whether it’s a leak in your roof or a flood in your house, water can wreak havoc on your residence.Fortunately, even the worst water damage can be reversed with the help of expert restoration services. If you’ve recently experienced water damage, here’s the process a professional team will use to make your home safe once more.

Determine What Kind of Water Is Present

The source of the water damage makes a difference in how the area is cleaned and repaired. For instance, rainwater that falls through a hole in the roof isn’t dangerous to humans, but water that floods in from a nearby stream can be full of bacteria. Therefore, experts will need to treat this water with more caution. Similarly, water damage from toilets and sewage tanks can be highly contaminated.

Remove the Standing Water

Once the experts know how to handle the water, they’ll begin soaking up the standing water so that they can accurately assess the damage. Depending on the extent of the water damage, this may be done with mops or more advanced types of water damage restoration technology.

Begin the Drying Process

Using big fans for days at a time, the restoration team will thoroughly dry the water damage to ensure that things don’t worsen in severity. If the water has seeped into the floors, walls, furniture, and ceiling, this step could take a significant amount of time.

Clean and Disinfect

Where water damage occurs, mold growth often follows. Plus, the water in your home could be quite dirty. To prevent bacteria and mold from breeding, restoration experts will thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected areas.

Restore and Repair

Once the water has been removed, things have been dried, and the area is clean and safe, the true restoration work can begin. In this step, experts will remove any items that have been irreparably damaged and work to save as many of your possessions as possible. They will also help rebuild and replace parts of the home when necessary.If you’ve experienced water damage recently, don’t hesitate to call Restoration 1 of Birmingham. Our experts are familiar with the area and will arrive at your doorstep as quickly as possible. With advanced restoration technology and methods, we’ll have your home back in its original state shortly. Learn more about our water damage services by calling 205-578-6677.