What to Do After a Home Fire in Birmingham

Did you know that Alabama experiences more residential fires than many others states? Our number is 13.5 percent higher than the national average. Therefore, we should all know how to react to a fire in our homes. Here are the top steps to take as soon as you spot the first flames.

Evacuate the Building

Your first priority should be getting your family away from the fire and finding a safe place to stay in the meantime. Even if the fire was relatively small, you’ll likely need to stay somewhere else until the smoke-contaminated air has been cleared out. If you can’t afford to stay in a hotel room long-term, talk to organizations like the American Red Cross that can offer you temporary lodging.

Call Your Insurance Company

Before any repairs can begin, you’ll need to speak with your homeowners insurance company. Talk to your agent about what your policy covers and how you can file a fire claim. The company will then provide you with steps to take, including inventorying your damaged belongings and hiring a restoration company.

Recover What Possessions You Can

You should not enter the home until it has been deemed structurally sound. Once you have permission to enter from the local fire department officials, use your homeowners replacement cost policy to determine the value of your lost items. This is much easier to do if you have kept a record of your belongings, including descriptions of cost and condition.

Hire Restoration 1 of Birmingham for Fire & Smoke Damage

The road to recovery after a fire is long, but with help from a local restoration company, your home can return to its original state. At Restoration 1 of Birmingham, we work quickly to minimize the damage and begin repairs. We’ll tackle everything from removing damaged items to clearing out smoke-contaminated air.Our number one priority is safety. That’s why we only use the best restoration technology on the market. When your house is in our hands, you can sleep soundly. Call today to schedule a fire and smoke damage restoration project at 205-578-6677.