Water Damage Cleanup: Rescuing Your Home From Pelham Weather Woes 

water damage cleanup pelhamWinter storms, hurricanes, tornados and other weather events can severely damage your home. While the summers are hot, they are also the rainiest in Jefferson County. These coming storms  might allow some moisture that damages the structure. Thankfully, your existing home insurance policy often covers the costs of water damage cleanup by a professional restoration company, like Restoration 1 of Birmingham.

In 2019, natural disasters caused an estimated $71 billion in insured losses worldwide. Roughly 60% of those losses were due to weather events. As weather patterns change, bringing harsh conditions with them, claims for weather-related damage are likely to increase. 

National Weather Service Messaging Terminology

When you watch or listen to the weather report, listen for these catchphrases and prepare accordingly.  “Flash floods watch” means you should be alert for flooding within the designated watch (or listening) area. An “urban and small stream advisory” is issued when the threat of water will likely affect small streams or low-lying areas like railroad underpasses and urban storm drains. 

A more severe alert is a “flood warning.” This is serious and quick action must be taken to get to higher ground. A piece of timeless advice is “Turn around, don’t drown!” In the U.S., most deaths from flash flooding happen when people drive their vehicles into flooded roadways.

Risks To Your Home

Any rough Alabama weather poses a risk to your roof, windows, porches, patios and doors. Hail knocks the coating off the asphalt shingles. Larger diameter hail can actually dent the surface of the shingles. It can crack vinyl siding or wood shakes. And the scariest sound you can hear is when hailstones strike the window and shatter it. 

Hail plus strong winds can cause damage to the roof, eaves, and gutters. Nearly one in 35 insured homes have a property damage claim related to wind or hail each year, according to The Insurance Information Institute. Wind can break branches that crash into the home (or your car.) Tree collapse  weather claims average nearly $6,000 per tree. Even worse,  rain is able to get into the attic and soffits which damages insulation and building materials. 

Flood water can encroach from the yard and driveway into the exterior doors and garage. Not only will you have to deal with water damage cleanup on the materials, you also suffer ramifications from the debris in the flood water. 

Will Insurance Cover It?

The most common types of weather-related damage claims for insurance policies are:

  • Hail and roof damage 
  • Sewer back-up from an overwhelmed municipal system
  • Frozen pipes on exterior walls and ice dams on the roof
  • Fallen trees 
  • Power failure causing more damage (i.e.sump pump failure) 

Flood damage is not usually covered by most home insurance companies. If you are in a low lying area, purchase an additional flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. Learn all about national flood insurance on the FEMA website.

Note that even flood insurance does not cover “gradual damage.” So if you have storm damage, don’t allow it to linger and cause more trouble. You might negate your claim if you delay. 

When You Need Water Water Damage Cleanup 

Watch out for weather causing damage to your Pelham area home. As soon as you see a breach in your exterior or unexplained water in your home, pick up the phone and call Restoration 1 of Birmingham for water damage cleanup services that make a difference. In Shelby County & Jefferson County, call to dispatch the water damage cleanup team today. Protect your home from additional damage.