Types of Water Damage That Could Affect Your Property in Birmingham

When it comes to water damage, the source of the moisture changes everything. Is the water clean and safe for human contact, or is it full of dangerous microbes and bacteria? This is the question every restoration company will try to answer before beginning their work.

In Alabama, we’re familiar with the problems floods can cause. Unfortunately, high levels of rain and rising rivers cause even more problems than other kinds of water damage. There are three types of water damage that can affect your property, and outside flooding falls under the most severe category.

Type 1: Clean Water Damage

When you experience water damage in your home, it’s best to cross your fingers and hope for clean water. This kind doesn’t pose a threat to human health and is relatively easy to tackle. Usually, clean water damage stems from a burst pipe or appliance, so it doesn’t carry dangerous diseases. However, it’s still important to realize that any kind of water can cause damage if it has time to seep into your home. Even clean water can contribute to mold growth.

Type 2: Gray Water Damage

Although it’s not the most severe kind of water damage, gray water isn’t something to mess around with. Gray water is slightly contaminated, either because it was clean water that was left untreated for too long or because it came from a questionable source. For instance, overflowing toilets or washing machines could produce gray water.

Type 3: Black Water Damage

Black water is by far the most severe of the three types of damage. It likely contains toxic chemicals, dangerous diseases, animal waste, and other contaminants that pose serious threats to humans and pets. Often, it’s the result of floodwaters from outside or septic tank backups. Don’t attempt to clean black water yourself. Instead, let the professionals handle it with the proper safety gear and tools.

Call Restoration 1 of Birmingham for Help With All Types of Water Damage

When it comes to clean, gray, or black water damage, we always recommend steering clear of the water and letting professionals handle the job. You never know how serious the contamination threat is, and the faster the damage is tackled, the safer everyone will be. Let us help with damage caused by flooding, leaks, or appliance malfunctions. Call 205-578-6677 for help at any hour on any day.