The Devastating Effects That Fire Damage Can Have on a Home

A fire of any size in your home can be an overwhelmingly difficult situation. The damage caused by the flames, smoke, soot, and the water the fire department uses to combat the flames can destroy a home in numerous ways. Besides the total loss of your possessions, a house fire can make you lose hope and security. You may not know how to come back from a fire. It’s important to remember that help is just around the corner. A local restoration company can offer 24-hour fire damage restoration services to restore your property.

Devastating Effects of Fire Damage

The leading cause of property damage during a house fire is not from the flames. It’s actually the smoke contamination. Sure, the flames, heat, and water will cause pretty severe property damage, too, but it’s the smoke and soot that stick around. The long-lasting damage and contamination caused by smoke can be toxic, and the odor may remain for many years to come without professional odor removal.

Furthermore, the immense heat caused by the flames can melt plastics and synthetic materials. The resulting odors and contamination can make even the strongest among us ill. The chemicals remain in the air until a restoration team can bring in air movers and other specialized equipment.

Smoke Damage Contamination

With how devastating the smoke damage can be during a fire, it warrants a discussion. Typically, when you’re dealing with fire damage, it’s the smoke that causes the majority of contamination within the home. Smoke contains methane, carbon monoxide, benzene, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, formic acid, acetic acid, and minute traces of heavy metals. It’s a literal bomb of toxic chemicals. When inhaled, this formula can cause severe health complications and long-term respiratory illness.

Unfortunately, smoke can travel through even the smallest crack in the floor, ceiling, or entryway. Even a room unaffected by the flames can have noticeable smoke damage.

Here is how smoke can damage your home:

  • Discoloration – The smoke damage is immediately evident on the walls, ceilings, and hard surfaces of your home. You’ll spot stains and discoloration, especially a yellowing effect that is difficult to remove.
  • Odor – Many of the surfaces in your home, especially furniture, will accumulate smoke odors for some time after the fire. When disturbed, the smoke particles then release into the air and lead to foul odors and airborne contamination.
  • Electricity – It isn’t often discussed, but smoke damage can cause problems with your electricity system. The smoke can compromise wiring, cords, switches, fuses, and breaker boxes.

If you’re struggling to manage after a house fire, call Restoration 1 of Birmingham. We offer 24-hour fire and smoke damage restoration services for both homeowners and commercial properties throughout the region. Give us a call at 205-578-6677!