Signs You May Need Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup pelhamEven more common than the obvious water damage from flooding is the more discrete water damage that occurs behind walls and ceilings, or even under floors. Hidden water damage from leaky pipes or susceptible exterior surfaces of your home (like a damaged roof) can require serious repairs and cleanup, especially if it goes unseen or untreated for extended amounts of time. Hidden water damage can also lead to secondary problems like weakened structural integrity and mold growth. The best way to get hidden water damage resolved is to find it as soon as possible so that water damage cleanup can begin right away. But just how are you supposed to find water damage when it is occurring above your ceiling or behind your walls? When water finds its way into areas it is not designed to go, it will always leave signs of its presence behind. From our cleanup experts at Restoration 1 of Birmingham, here are some of the most common signs that your Pelham home needs water damage cleanup from hidden water damage.

Water Damage Cleanup In Pelham

Water spots, stains, and areas of discoloration

When porous materials, like drywall for example, are exposed to water, they will absorb as much of it as they can hold. Once they have become completely saturated, the water will have to look for somewhere else to go, and the saturated material will begin to change and show signs of the waters’ presence. When sheet-rock, drywall, or ceiling panels (just to name a few), absorb water, it will make itself apparent through water spots or staining. These discolored areas will take odd shapes with irregular borders that will get larger or darker over time. If you notice stains or discolored areas on your ceilings, floors, or walls, have them evaluated for water damage. 


Mold growth occurs in areas that have water present or available, and can begin growing within 48 hours of exposure to said moisture. If you see visible mold, you know there is an active water source that has probably been present for an extended amount of time. Mold can take on many different appearances, but commonly shows up as dark spots. Mold can also take on a fuzzy appearance, and is often irregular. If you notice visible mold in your home, take action right away by calling a restoration company. Mold exposure can cause a multitude of respiratory symptoms ranging from shortness of breath to headaches and fatigue. 

Strong odors and musty smells

Almost always associated with mold growth, musty smells can also indicate that your home needs water damage cleanup. These smells are particularly stronger in the area where the water damage is located, and do not fade or go away over time – in fact, the opposite can occur and these smells can become more pronounced the longer the water damage is present. If you notice specific earthy, musty smells in your home, odds are you have not only water damage but also mold damage. 

When you come across any of the above signs, be sure to contact the water damage cleanup experts at Restoration 1 of Birmingham. They’ll arrive on site and help you in your time of need.