Preventing Fire Damage: Essential Tips For Birmingham Homeowners

It is a priority for any homeowner to keep their house safe. Taking preventative steps to keep fire damage from occurring can keep Birmingham residents safer and help avoid expensive, lengthy repairs. Homeowners should know the following essential tips to prevent fire damage. fire damage birmingham

Tip #1: Practice Cooking Safety 

Fires that result during cooking are the most common cause of fire damage within the home. This can be prevented by ensuring all inhabitants follow careful cooking safety habits. Ensure that spaces around ovens and stovetops are kept clear of flammable items. Never leave food cooking unattended on the stovetop or in the oven, and set timers when necessary to prevent overcooking or burning food. Make sure that children understand kitchen safety and the dangers that ovens and microwaves can present. Remember, your and your family’s safety is the top priority. If you can’t immediately smother a fire or if it grows, you should get out of the house and call 911.

Tip #2: Safely Use Home Appliances 

Home appliances can cause fires through worn wiring, short circuits, or improper usage. Remember to only operate appliances according to their safety manuals and regularly inspect their conditions. If they exhibit too much use or age, replace the item. Replacing the item is likely cheaper than repairing the area after fire damage occurs.

Tip #3: Ensure Heating Safety 

Your home’s heating system should be regularly examined and maintained. Wood-burning stoves or fireplaces may need additional cleaning or maintenance. Portable space heaters or heated blankets should only be operated according to user manual instructions. Many newer portable heaters or blankets have automatic turn-offs; consider replacing older models with these, as they have more safety measures. Never leave flammables near heat sources. 

Tip #4: Maintain Electric Systems 

Electrical fires can be particularly dangerous. These can occur from faulty or frayed wiring. Be sure to inspect your electrical systems regularly, especially if you live in an older residence. If you have signs of faulty wiring, like flickering lights, damaged outlets, or a burning smell, contact a professional to fix it before it becomes a fire. Remember not to overload outlets and keep your home safe from electrical surges. 

Tip #5: Practice Safe Use of Candles 

Candles can help your house feel at home and smell good. However, they are also the start of thousands of fires every year. Remember only to burn candles with constant adult supervision. Children should be taught not to play with or around them. Do not leave candles burning while sleeping or burn candles near flammable items. Even candle alternatives, like scented wall plug-ins, should be regularly inspected and replaced.

Tip #6: Practice Safe Decor 

Unfortunately, the things we decorate our houses can become fire hazards, such as glass bird feeders that can reflect the sun and start a fire. Old Christmas tree lights can contain faulty wiring. Pumpkins with candles inside during Halloween can be tipped over by excitable children. When decorating, evaluate potential dangers items may present and either account for them or only use them with adult supervision. There can be a happy balance between safety and fun. 

Remember, vigilance and preventative measures can go far in preventing fire damage in your home. If, despite your best efforts, an accident does occur, remember to put your safety first and contact help immediately. If you are local to Birmingham and are looking for a reputable fire damage restoration company, don’t hesitate to reach out to Restoration 1 of Birmingham. Our team is ready to help to help 24/7.