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Restoration 1 Serving Hoover, AL

Hoover, AL 35022

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24 Hours
24 Hours
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24 Hours 

24-Hour Emergency Service

When disaster strikes your Hoover, AL home, it can send you into a panic. Whether you have several feet of water in your property or charred areas in your kitchen after a stovetop fire, your priority is getting the situation cleaned and repaired. 

That’s why at Restoration 1 of Birmingham, we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We want to be available to local residents whenever disaster strikes, day or night. 

Trained Restoration Technicians

Your home is not only your sanctuary but also one of your most substantial assets. You want the most qualified technicians handling the inspection, cleanup, and repair process. That’s why every technician we hire is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Trustworthy Water Damage Restoration & Cleanup

Water damage restoration is a process that requires quick action, no matter the type of water or volume. The more time water has to saturate your home and possessions, the more permanent damage sets in. Our team comes to every home with advanced equipment for swift cleanup, drying, and dehumidifying. 

Fast Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration 

Extensive fire & smoke damage restoration is necessary to restore the structural integrity of your home and purify the air after a blaze. The danger of smoke inhalation is still present even after the flames are extinguished; you’ll need proper smoke removal to truly eradicate the threat. 

Mold Remediation & Inspection Experts

Mold inspection and remediation services are two of the most important jobs we perform. A mold infestation will continue to spread as long as it has access to moisture and a dark environment. The growth will impact people’s health over time. Do-it-yourself mold tests are often unreliable, so a professional mold inspection is the best course of action to take. If we find any growth, we’ll remove and disinfect all of the affected areas until there’s no trace of mold left. 


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