Is Tornado Damage Covered by Insurance in Birmingham, AL?

A tornado is a powerful force of nature. The devastation left in the wake of a severe cyclone can lead to immense property damage. You may be without power, with broken windows on the floor, and serious wind damage throughout the yard; it’s a lot to fathom. But in the aftermath of tornado damage, know that there is hope. After such an ordeal, the community comes together. You’ll find a local restoration company offering storm recovery services around the clock for tornado damage victims in Birmingham, AL.

Tornado Coverage

When a tornado touches down nearby, it’s not just the cyclone that causes immense damage. It’s also the wind, water, and hail that lead to widespread devastation.

Typically speaking, homeowners insurance covers certain perils, including wind and hail damage. If your policy covers these risks, then you’ll find that your dwelling coverage should be adequate to repair or rebuild your home. Then, personal property coverage can pay to repair or replace any damaged or destroyed possessions inside the home.

But if your homeowners insurance does not cover wind and hail, then you may be out of luck. Some insurance companies, especially throughout Tornado Alley, tend to offer very specific policies for tornadoes. This type of policy is separate from the average homeowners policy and, as such, tends to cost an additional fee per month or year.

Tornado Damage Caused by Flooding

Many tornadoes are accompanied by heavy rain and thunderstorms. As such, many homeowners experience some form of flooding – minor or severe – because of the excessive rainfall paired with wind damage to the roof or windows. Your homeowners insurance likely does not cover flood damage. For that, you would require flood insurance. Even if your insurance policy covers wind or hail damage, you would be out of luck for everything but, say, a burst pipe caused by the tornado.

For concrete details on what your insurance policy does or does not cover, you’ll want to speak with your insurance agent for more information. Only they will know your exact coverage and amounts. So, if you’re worried about tornado damage in Birmingham, AL, pick up the phone and call your provider.

The aftermath of a severe tornado can be devastating. You’re not alone in dealing with the damage, though. Contact Restoration 1 of Birmingham for immediate storm recovery services – no matter the day or time – for guaranteed results. You can reach us anytime at 205-578-6677!