How to File an Insurance Claim After Water Damage in Birmingham, AL

Water damage in your home requires immediate action, but before you can get to work, you need to have everything in order for your insurance claim. Hopefully, this is a first-time experience for you, so at Restoration 1 of Birmingham, we want to provide you with crucial tips to properly file an insurance claim after water damage. If the right steps are taken, it should be approved without a hitch.

Consult an Agent About Your Water Damage

If the standing water is manageable, soak it up as best you can. Then, contact your insurance company. The best course of action is to speak with the agent you work with most closely. They will be familiar with both your property history and your policies. Based on what you convey, they may discourage filing a claim if it would negatively affect your premiums. However, with large-scale damage, it’s generally advised that you file a claim. If the cause of your water damage is a covered event, you can expect to receive dwelling and personal property coverage as the result of an approved claim.

Document Everything for Your Water Damage Claim

When you file an insurance claim for any damage, document everything. You’re making a case to the insurance company that you deserve coverage. Even if both your agent and the adjuster give the impression that things are running smoothly, the last thing you want is to receive too little coverage.

Take detailed photos, videos, and notes to have on hand, as well as an inventory of all the damaged items on your property. It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re salvageable. At Restoration 1 of Birmingham, we conduct this inventory automatically as part of our water damage restoration service. Additionally, keep all records of contact between you and your insurance company until your claim has been approved.

Wait for Insurance Approval Before Beginning Permanent Repairs

Even if you have documented the damage, do not begin any permanent repairs until your insurance claim has gone through. This includes throwing damaged items away, having the area cleaned, etc. Only after you receive confirmed approval can you start this process. Be patient; the last thing you want is to have your claim thrown out because you’ve altered evidence. Then, the costs would be out of pocket.

Call Restoration 1 of Birmingham for Your Water Damage

At Restoration 1 of Birmingham, our team members are always happy to speak with an insurance adjuster for you. Once your claim is approved, we’ll conduct an extensive inventory, remove items from the affected space, and get things dried. You’ll be left with a like-new property in no time. Call us 24/7 at 205-578-6677.