Choosing a Restoration Company After Water Damage in Birmingham

Whether you’re returning home after an extended getaway or just waking up, discovering any amount of water on your floors can be devastating. An unexpected disaster in the form of a burst pipe, leaking appliance, or severe rainstorm can have long-lasting consequences. You see, as water spreads, it seeps into every crack and crevice. There, it begins to fester. In time, you’ll be dealing with wood rot, mold growth, and mildew odors stemming from the water itself. The longer water damage is allowed to sit, the worse the damage, which is why finding the right restoration company makes such a significant difference. How do you find a water damage restoration company in Birmingham, though?

Hire Locally

When you’re dealing with water inside of your home or business, time is of the essence. Again, the longer you wait, the more damage is incurred. A local restoration company is the goal. You want someone nearby, a technician who can respond to your disaster within the hour. There are a number of resources that can point you to a local restoration company.

First, start with Google. Believe it or not, Google is a fantastic option for finding local services. They connect you with businesses nearby, within a specific mile radius, that can help.

Check Credentials

Now, you’ve found a local restoration service in Birmingham. Next, check their credentials. Before you agree to have someone sent out, ensure the contractor you select is licensed and insured. A licensed restoration company has met specific requirements, regulations, and has the credentials to back everything up.

Furthermore, there are some services that can only be handled by a certified restoration company, like biohazard cleanup or sewage waste removal. Consider the services needed before hiring a restoration company.


You’re dealing with an emergency here. It’s not a simple task of mopping up a spilled jug of milk, after all. We’re talking about a few inches of water inside of your property. It’s not supposed to be there. As such, you want a restoration company that is readily available. Any local restoration service worth their weight will be available 24/7. When you call, you should be immediately connected with a customer representative who can guide you through the matter.

Why 24/7? Well, because water damage is unexpected. You cannot, as much as you may like to try, prepare for disaster. Sure, you could have old towels ready to soak up excess water, but it’s not enough. You need advanced restoration equipment. The restoration company you choose in Birmingham should be available around the clock. Yes, even on the weekend or holidays.

For 24-hour water damage restoration with guaranteed results, pick up the phone and call Restoration 1 of Birmingham. We’re available day and night, using the most innovative techniques and advanced restoration equipment, to tackle any type of water damage.

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