Ceiling Water Damage Cleanup in Pelham: What Causes It?

water damage cleanup pelhamA ceiling water leak is a frequent occurrence. If not handled properly, it can severely damage homes, cause mold formation and illness, and also cost you a fortune to restore. If there are signs of water damage on the ceiling, as a property owner, you should locate and stop the source of the leak right away. Leaky or burst water pipes, roof leaks, and an overflowing bathtub or toilet are the major culprits that cause ceiling water damage. Even though tiny water patches on your ceiling may initially appear, water will end up causing your ceiling to crumble completely.

Water Damage Cleanup in Pelham

Plumbing Leaks

Water from rooms above could leak or seep into the ceilings of rooms below, causing ceiling damage. Plumbing leaks happen when pipes or fixtures puncture, corrode, or loosen. These leakages are frequent in water supply pipelines or appliances such as dishwashers, radiators, and washing machines. Inspecting your building on a regular basis can help you in detecting plumbing leakages in the ceiling. Examine the ceiling for active dripping, moist or damaged drywall, or discoloration. The source of the problem will almost always be directly just above ceiling damage.

Roof Leaks

The majority of roof leaks are due to damaged shingles, which allow rain or melting snow to enter your house. While you may believe that these leaks only occur in warmer weather, they are also common in the winter. Repetitive freezing and thawing of snow would then cause ice formation under the shingles, allowing water to seep through the roof. When water enters your attic or along your home’s eaves, it is usually due to roof damage. Look for discoloration in the ceiling, water-damaged drywall, or high humidity in the attic to detect roof leaks.

Moisture in Your House

In addition to leaking roofs, increased humidity levels can play a part in your ceiling problems. High humidity levels are common in cold and wet rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, but installing exhaust fans could help maintain humidity at a manageable level. Prevent mold growth in ceilings by using dehumidifiers and exhaust fans, and also ensuring adequate insulation in every room.

House Age

The older the house, the more problems that can arise. The age of your household will have a significant impact on its structure. With normal wear and tear or your house age, you might notice the appearance of hairline cracks or spider-webbing. Checking up on these issues will help to prevent them from becoming major issues.

Clogged Gutters

Granules, twigs, and leaves can clog your rain gutters and end up causing water to flow directly into your house. Water could seep through your roof or walls and cause water damage to your ceiling.

Get Professional Assistance for Ceiling Water Damage Cleanup

Handling ceiling water damage when you detect it is critical. Hiring an expert is essential for quality repairs as well as quick action. When you require highly qualified water damage restoration, call Restoration 1 of Birmingham. For immediate response to your roof water damage, quick water damage cleanup in Pelham, and a quotation on your ceiling water damage restoration costs, call Restoration 1 of Birmingham today.