What’s the Process of Water Damage Restoration in Birmingham?

Rain can cause many problems for homeowners, and no one knows that more than the residents of Birmingham, Alabama. Large amounts of rain have flooded roads in the past and resulted in seriously damaged homes and businesses. Whether it’s a leak in your roof or a flood in your house, water can wreak havoc on your residence.Fortunately, […]

Types of Water Damage That Could Affect Your Property in Birmingham

When it comes to water damage, the source of the moisture changes everything. Is the water clean and safe for human contact, or is it full of dangerous microbes and bacteria? This is the question every restoration company will try to answer before beginning their work. In Alabama, we’re familiar with the problems floods can cause. […]

How to Clean Up Sewage

Sewage spills and backups certainly aren’t fun to talk about, but sometimes the worst happens. When you experience a sewage mess, you need to act quickly to minimize the damage and keep your family safe.Even if you’re a do-it-yourself handyman, raw sewage isn’t a job you want to tackle. It can carry serious diseases, some […]

What to Do After a Home Fire in Birmingham

Did you know that Alabama experiences more residential fires than many others states? Our number is 13.5 percent higher than the national average. Therefore, we should all know how to react to a fire in our homes. Here are the top steps to take as soon as you spot the first flames. Evacuate the Building Your first […]

The Devastating Effects That Fire Damage Can Have on a Home

A fire of any size in your home can be an overwhelmingly difficult situation. The damage caused by the flames, smoke, soot, and the water the fire department uses to combat the flames can destroy a home in numerous ways. Besides the total loss of your possessions, a house fire can make you lose hope […]

Is Tornado Damage Covered by Insurance in Birmingham, AL?

A tornado is a powerful force of nature. The devastation left in the wake of a severe cyclone can lead to immense property damage. You may be without power, with broken windows on the floor, and serious wind damage throughout the yard; it’s a lot to fathom. But in the aftermath of tornado damage, know […]

Is Birmingham at Risk for Tornado Damage?

According to FEMA, Birmingham, AL, is right in a hot spot for tornado activity. According to their designation, Birmingham experiences more than 15 tornadoes per 2,470 square miles around the area. Furthermore, their statistics reveal that tornadoes in the area are often in excess of 250 miles per hour, making them both frequent and alarmingly devastating.  […]

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Is Category 3 Water Damage Covered by Insurance in Birmingham?

Category 3 water damage is classified as such because of the high level of contamination due to pollutants like fungi and bacteria, which can lead to severe illness and infection. Due to this level of contamination and risk, insurance companies tend to be very specific about their coverage options. For example, your average homeowners insurance policy likely […]

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