Average Cost of Property Restoration Services in Birmingham, AL

When confronted with disaster, a homeowner prioritizes cleaning the area and hiring property restoration services. However, it’s important to keep the realities of cost in mind before you’re knee-deep in a massive project.With the help of Manta, we at Restoration 1 of Birmingham have provided the average costs of the three main property restoration services we perform: water damage restorationfire damage restoration, and mold removal. Additional cost approximations for Birmingham can be found here.

Property Restoration Service Costs in Birmingham

Water Damage Restoration

In Birmingham, AL, a homeowner will pay around $2,105 for water damage restoration services. This is an estimate that takes the material costs per square foot (around $10) into account, along with the average cost of labor in the area. The estimate also includes the cost of equipment in Birmingham and additional project expenses such as surface preparation and cleanup fees.All Manta estimates for property damage restoration do not include inspection fees and other permits you may need to obtain before you begin your project. Additionally, there may be more materials costs as the work progresses, but that’s not unexpected for any home project. General contractor fees are also not included in these estimates.  

Fire Damage Restoration

So far in 2019, residents of Birmingham, AL are paying approximately $2,249 for their fire damage restoration services. The materials’ cost per square foot for fire damage restoration will be around $10 to $11. As with water damage, this estimate encompasses the cost of labor, materials, and equipment to perform the service. Still, things are always subject to change during property restoration, so it’s important to plan mentally and financially for the unexpected.

Mold Removal

The average cost a homeowner will pay in Birmingham for mold removal is around $1,978.  This is expensive, but we can assure you that effective mold removal is worth every penny. If you have residents that deal with respiratory conditions or immunodeficiency disorders, they are at risk for health-threatening reactions to mold outbreaks. It will cost between $3 to $4 per square foot to remove mold, and this price also includes the expected labor fees. Equipment and additional basic project costs are included, too.

We Can Perform These Property Restoration Services and More

At Restoration 1 of Birmingham, we can perform all of these property restoration services and more in your Hoover area property. Our team is available 24/7 and is always priced fairly. Contact us today at 205-578-6677 for any questions about our prices or services.